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New Teeth in Turkey : things you should consider before your treatment

Obtaining new teeth in Turkey is a remarkable opportunity to revitalize your smile and renew your oral aesthetics. Whether you’re considering veneers, implants, or crowns, Tooth in Turkey stands as your ultimate choice. We are dedicated to ensuring that your dental transformation is a safe and reputable experience.

With us, you won’t just find one dentist, but a multitude of expert options. Our commitment is to provide you with a selection that suits your specific needs and desires. Say goodbye to worries about scams and uncertainties. Trust Tooth in Turkey to guide you towards accredited professionals who will cater to your dental aspirations.

The significance of new teeth extends beyond mere appearance. It encompasses a tailored approach to the size, shape, color, and positioning of your teeth, aligned perfectly with your preferences. Not only can you address issues such as decay and damage, but you can also embrace genetic uniqueness with confidence. As you journey towards new teeth, our platform ensures a secure path to an enhanced self-esteem and a rejuvenated smile.

Why Turkey ?

Dental procedures for smile makeovers and full sets of veneers can be safely performed by highly qualified dentists in Turkey. This treatment can help people achieve a beautiful smile. Smile makeover and smile design may benefit individuals in multiple ways, but it is not a universal solution.

The cost of dental implants or veneers in the US, UK or Europe can range between $25,000 and $80,000, depending on the type of treatment required. Treatment time and procedures may also differ.

Whether you’re an adult looking for a stunning set of teeth or a younger person just wanting to save money, getting your new teeth done in Turkey is 80% cheaper than what you may find at home. Plus, many countries are now beginning to realize why people are travelling to Turkey – they’re getting quality treatments and services that are top-notch in terms of price, technology and customer service!

With great savings and outstanding results, why wouldn’t you go to Turkey for your dental needs? Seeing as how more and more people are travelling there every year, it’s time that you experience the Turkish dental beauty movement firsthand. Start taking advantage of this amazing opportunity today! Ask an expert dentist any questions regarding your trip to Turkey and get started with saving money on your next trip to the dentist!

Many factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on dental treatments, as there often isn’t enough time to discuss these in depth during a typical dentist appointment. It is important to be well-informed and ask conscious questions before beginning any procedures.

Before reaching out to your future dentist, consider your goals and make a list of questions to get the most out of your 15-30 minute appointment. This will enable you to better understand your options in terms of dental care.

Health tourism statement

Table of Contents

How much will you save if you get your teeth done in Turkey?

If you reside in the UK, US or EU and opt for new teeth in Turkey, you could benefit from up to 80% savings.

Due to their high cost, many people today are opting not to pursue medical treatments, particularly dental treatments which are considered more aesthetic than functional.

While dental procedures may not be ideal, they are often needed to reduce potential risks of severe dental issues in the future. Delaying necessary dental procedures could become costly in the long run.

Due to the expense of dental care, people are increasingly considering traveling to countries like Turkey for procedures.

What are the pros and cons of Dental Tourism?

The practice of travelling to another country in order to receive new teeth is known as “dental tourism”. This has gained increasing popularity in recent years, with many people now choosing it for their own dental needs.

When considering dental treatment abroad, there are both advantages and disadvantages to factor in.

The advantages of this are considered to be positive.

  • Affordable procedures and comprehensive care.
  • There is an opportunity to travel to a new country.
  • Dental procedures are generally cheaper internationally due to lower costs of renting space and equipment, training dentists and staff, and other related costs. This cost saving can be passed on to the patient, resulting in significant savings on their procedure bills.
  • People who travel for dental procedures can often combine their journey with a vacation to make their trip more cost-effective. This takes into consideration factors such as airfare, accommodation and other services related to travelling long-distance to another country.

The disadvantages should be considered as well.

  • Cultural differences.
  • Standards vary.
  • No physical follow-up appointments.
  • Dental tourism is popular and offers advantages, but there are also some drawbacks.
  • When travelling to a different country, cultural barriers and differences in medical standards should be taken into account. It is essential to research the safety and medical regulations of the destination prior to making a decision on a dental tourism location, in order to ensure that there will be effective communication between yourself and the dentists, as well as the protection of your health.
  • If further evaluation or adjustments are required after a procedure, you will need to either visit a local dentist or take part in an online consultation. Most dental clinics have the capability to offer online consultations.
dentist with patient who need teeth

What are the benefits ?

Turkey is a good destination for new teeth, particularly in Istanbul, its largest city. Many people have found successful and cost-effective dental procedures here.

Patients Beyond Borders list Turkey as one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism in the United States, with potential savings of up to 80% on treatments such as veneers, crowns and dental implants when compared to domestic prices.

Additionally, Turkey is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer in terms of tourism opportunities. It is an affordable option for longer vacations and thus worth considering for both cost and holiday purposes.

What are your motivations, and which specific issues are you aiming to resolve?

Are you considering getting new teeth in turkey?

If you’ve been doing your research, then you’re probably already aware of the benefits and convenience of traveling to Turkey for your new teeth. From the low prices to the quality treatments and expertise, Turkey is a popular choice for many people looking for stunning results.

Imagine never again having to worry about hiding your smile or feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look.

With Turkey’s state-of-the-art technology and experienced dentists, now you don’t have to worry about deals that are too good – their quality is on par with what you’d expect back home at a fraction of the cost!

But what is the rationale for obtaining a smile makeover and new teeth?

Oral and dental treatments have three interconnected categories:

Functional problems

  • I am having difficulty eating as I am missing teeth or the dishes in my teeth make it difficult to chew.
  • I do not prefer to use a removable prosthesis. Wearing the prosthesis every day is uncomfortable and unappealing. Having a large piece of plastic in my mouth makes it difficult to smile.
  • After tooth loss, humans may experience bone-melting and volume loss in their jaws. This can cause the neighboring teeth to shift and prevent them from coming into contact.
  • The patient has malocclusion, causing their teeth to be out of alignment and preventing their jaws from closing completely.
  • Certain teeth in the jaw are not effectively engaging with one another due to a deterioration in dental relationships which leads to them shifting over time.

Aesthetic problems

  • Expressing dissatisfaction with one’s smile is understandable, and can be attributed to a variety of causes including general health and dental/oral issues. Evaluating all potential sources is important for maintaining good social relationships.
  • Studies have shown that a pleasant smile plays an important role in fostering relationships between people. Smiling at first impression can make a positive impact.
  • Crooked teeth are treatable with orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign, to achieve a nicer smile.
  • I don’t wish to have a prosthetic that would be noticeable during my conversations or when socializing with others. It is not desirable to be concerned about dental issues while engaging in an event or interacting with other people, and having new teeth can help create an enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Accommodations can be made so that one’s prosthetics do not come off while consuming meals in a restaurant.
  • Patients who have undergone dental treatments multiple times may still find themselves with a lack of confidence in their smiles. When undergoing the process of obtaining a new and aesthetically pleasing look for their teeth, careful consideration must be taken in regards to the quality of materials used. Furthermore, it is essential that satisfaction and comfort are maintained with the resulting outcomes over an extended period of time.
  • Excessive gum tissue can cause a gummy smile, which is an esthetically unpleasant smile.
  • Discoloration of the teeth may be caused by a variety of factors, such as age, habits and abrasion of the surface. In some cases, even professional whitening treatments are inadequate.

Health Goals

  • Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, even when preventive measures have been taken. In this situation, periodontal treatment may not be an option.
  • Inaccurate closures in the jaws can lead to joint and dental disorders, including headaches and joint problems. New teeth can potentially eliminate these issues.
  • Tooth and gum issues can be a side effect of various diseases such as diabetes, resulting in early tooth loss.
  • Thinking about new teeth and a smile makeover is important. What you want from the treatments must be taken into consideration when making a decision. How long do you want to go without having a beautiful smile?
beautiful teeth

What do you need to know before your treatment?

Full oral restorations are costly and long-term treatments which may involve shaving of the teeth. If the teeth are no long available, implant treatment may be required; however, if there is no periodontal disease and missing teeth, it is not necessary.

Furthermore, if there are not too many broken or worn down teeth present, treatment may solely focus on aesthetics.

Braces and Invisalign are treatments which can be used to address certain dental and jaw problems.

When considering smile design and a set of  new teeth, many people are concerned with the aesthetics. Fewer teeth may need to be processed in order to obtain the desired aesthetic effects.

To ensure a successful and accurate treatment for veneers or cosmetic treatments, it is important to always consider a long-term option. Otherwise, difficulties may arise in the future.

Determine what you need to fix and follow through.

How many days should I plan for my new teeth in turkey ?

The recommended duration of a dental crown and veneer procedure is 7 days. Implants can be installed in a single day, with stitches removed within several days following the procedure.

Smile makeover, Hollywood smile and new teeth are often a large treatment involving many processes. Are you fit for this? Can you proceed? Let us assess the treatments for your new teeth.

Replacement teeth with veneer and crowns can be provided.

Invisalign and braces are both valid options for correcting crooked teeth, though a longer treatment period is usually necessary instead of a permanent solution.

When considering a smile makeover, there are multiple treatment options to consider, including full sets of veneers or crowns:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Zirconia veneers
  • E.max veneers
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Zirconia crowns
  • E.max crowns
  • Composite bonding
  • Tooth whitening
  • Gum sculpting
  • Tooth reshaping

Applying one or more of these treatments can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

To learn more about dental crowns, please refer to this link, and for information on dental bridges, please consult this link.

Dental Implants can replace missing teeth: 

  • Dental implants need a certain amount of healthy bone in order to be inserted. Furthermore, it is important that the implant is appropriately distant from any anatomical structures. Over time, long-term tooth deficiencies can alter the jawbone and gum disease may have caused severe damage. Consequently, dental implants may not be suitable in some cases.
  • Diabetes that is not managed correctly can increase the risk associated with implant applications. Patients with HgA1 readings higher than 7 should discuss alternative options with their healthcare provider.
  • Do you have any systemic diseases that are not under control? High blood pressure and disorders that cause excessive bleeds may restrict the use of implants.
  • Smoking is a risk factor for complications during and after oral surgery.
  • Those who have received cancer treatment in the last six months may not be suitable for the implant option due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Careful implant treatment planning is recommended for individuals with a history of incursion-related back pain.
  • It is important to maintain good oral hygiene habits, as lack of adequate care can affect implant procedures.

Pre-treatment planning is essential for successful dental implant treatment. Questions should be asked to ensure pre-treatment conformity. The treatment time and protocols should also be carefully assessed. By following an effective protocol, everyone can benefit from dental implants.

old people happy with their new teeth

Should you take all dental care on a single visit or two visits?

The duration of a visit for preventive and non-invasive treatments is typically brief.

Root canal treatments can be done in one appointment, saving time and effort. Without this advantage, people would have to make separate appointments with Endodontics specialists in the United States for each visit, often waiting months for each one.

With short visits, holidays can continue as scheduled with root canal treatments taken care of.

There is an increased number of appointments for altering treatments. Veneer and crown treatment for multiple teeth can be achieved quickly due to the new CAD-CAM systems. A single visit within a week can provide desired results from a “makeover” or “design” treatment, with no need for further visits after.

It is now easier to acquire a perfect and idealized grin with a customized design.

Two visits are typically necessary for surgical treatments involving implants. The length of the first visit may vary depending on the number of implants being inserted.

The number of missing teeth determines what needs to be done. Do you require temporary teeth? Usually one week is sufficient for the first visit. During the waiting period, temporary teeth may be prepared and provided.

For implants that have integrated with the bone, prosthetic treatments and crown preparation are planned on the second visit, which may take up to seven days.

What criteria should be used in determining my new teeth color in turkey?

Tooth color selection can take time. Many people prefer white, sparkling teeth like celebrities’. Natural whitening is often desired. Factors like age, gender and skin color should be considered when selecting a color, and it should also be compatible with the other teeth if they are not being treated.

Our dentists are ready to assist you in choosing the most suitable option. We are at your disposal if you would like to share your aspirations, and strive to assist you with fulfilling them.

We can provide you with examples of our patients’ results, or you can bring us a smiling photo to assess your suitability for treatment.

What shape do you want your new teeth to be?

When examining a patient’s teeth, we take pictures to begin with. We determine the type of face and decide on the desired tooth shape with the patient. Hollywood smile style may be chosen for aesthetics, but teeth shapes differ between men and women; men usually having sharper lines and women softer lines.

Age can affect tooth shape as well, with younger patients typically wanting a lighter and transparent form.

Do you want to recapture the look of your teeth from your youth? Bring a picture when you visit the dentist. If you have a reference photo in mind, like those of celebrities, share it with your dentist to ensure they can provide the best outcome.

What is the priority to making a decision for your Teeth.

When considering dental surgery, it is important to weigh all factors carefully as successful treatment can have a positive impact on quality of life.

We will arrange a private transfer to welcome you to the foreign country, taking you from the airport to your booked hotel. We will then transfer you from the hotel to your clinic appointment.

Will pain be experienced during treatments? New digital anesthesia devices can prevent the feeling of needle pain. General anesthesia and sedation are helpful alternatives if you have a high pain threshold.

Consider speaking with your dentist to learn what kind of anesthetic choice will be used during your treatment. You may also opt to sleep during the procedure.

After treatment, the recovery time varies. You may not feel comfortable immediately after your procedure and some cases may have swelling. Your physician will provide instructions on how to care for yourself during recovery. Typically, it will take a week before you can return to your daily life.

Following the treatments, we will escort you to the hotel and take care of the transfer for you as courtesy.

Tooth In Turkey has an employees available to answer any questions you may have about treatment. Do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.

After your treatment, you will be given instructions on what to do and what to diet.

We will call you in a week when you are back home. Do not be concerned, we will contact you for an update about your trip.

Driver waiting for patients

Is there a risk associated with Teeth Treatment in Turkey?

No procedure in general medicine and dentistry is completely risk-free. Knowledge and experience are key when complications arise. Even minor treatments involve some level of risk. It is vital to understand these risks and take action where necessary.

We strive to provide the most successful treatments available, having treated thousands of patients from Turkey and many more from other countries.

There are risks associated with preventive and minimally invasive treatments.

  • After canal treatment, if the symptom reoccurs, a revision of canal treatment may be necessary. A well-executed and correctly filled canal treatment is generally effective.
  • Following a whitening treatment, some tenderness in the teeth may occur, though this is only temporary; within one week, the teeth should return to their prior state of health.
  • Composite fillings are resilient, so breakages and falls are unlikely to cause them to release.

The potential risks associated with altering treatments must be considered.

  • The use of a night guard may reduce the risk of damage to crown and veneer restorations. It is important to ensure that tooth alignment is maintained.
  • Incomplete adhesive application of coating and veneers may lead to leakage, bruises, or even lost veneers.
  • In the initial stages, sensitivity after crown placement may be present.

The risks of surgical treatments should be taken into consideration.

  • There is a risk of damage to the veins and nerves in the jawbone.
  • Implants may be lost.
  • Careful consideration should be taken to avoid infection risk after surgery.
  • If the sinus is not monitored, a sinus perforation may occur.
  • If an implant is unsuccessful, there is a need to repeat the majority of the process.
  • Dental 3D tomography is an important tool for dentists, as it can help predict certain cases and take preventive measures. It is recommended that no implant surgery is done without a CT scan.

Call us if there is still much unknown to you about treatment abroad. We are happy to help you with the treatment in Turkey.

If you have any questions about your dental needs, please contact Tooth In Turkey. We’d be happy to provide information.

What type of warranty can i get for my new teeth in turkey?

The type of warranty available for your new teeth in Turkey will depend on the particular dentist and/or clinic that you visit. Some clinics may offer lifetime guarantees, while others may only offer short-term warranties for a period of one year or less.

Warranty details can vary significantly from one practice to another, so it’s important to ask about warranties before committing to any procedure.

Generally speaking, dentists in Turkey should provide comprehensive coverage with their warranty agreements, offering protection against material defects and guaranteeing successful outcome of any treatments undertaken.

Tooth in Turkey offers a list of dentists that provide more than 20 year warranty on crowns, 15 year warranty on veneers, and lifetime warranties on some implants brand as Straumann Implants.

Straumann implants logo

What is the cost of new teeth in turkey?

Let make it easy!

A full set of zirconia crowns in turkey “with 24 zirconia crown” will cost you : 4560$

A full set of veneers in turkey “with 20 Emax veneer” will cost you around : 4800$ 

A full mouth implants for upper and lower jaw in turkey with “12 implants + 24 zirconia crown” will cost you : 8000$

Dental treatments are expensive in the U.S. and U.K., so you must consider the cost before committing to such a high expense that could ruin your savings.

Alternatives, such as dental treatment in Turkey, may offer higher quality and convenience at a lower cost. It is important to assess the best option for you and determine if it makes sense financially to take out a loan for it. There are many factors to consider when selecting the best alternative.

Desiring to attain the same results by spending a more affordable fee is common; however, this option is not always realistic. Finding better options for new teeth requires extensive and costly treatment. Comparing treatment prices in Turkey may be an alternative worth considering.

A cost comparison with Turkey is provided below.

A trip abroad may offer the best value for dental work without compromising quality, so it is advisable to carefully review customer feedback when selecting a provider.

This table represent multiple price : 

Types Of Dental CrownsPrice Range in TurkeyPrice Range in the UKPrice Range in EuropePrice Range in America
All-Porcelain Crown$ 100 – $ 150£ 480 – £ 900€ 450 – € 850$ 600 – $ 3000
Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crown$ 80 – $ 130£ 350 – £ 900€ 300 – € 1100$ 500 – $ 1500
E-Max Crown$ 180 – $ 350£ 650 – £ 1000€ 450 – € 1100$ 600 – $ 3000
Zirconium Crown$ 140 – $ 200£ 650 – £ 1000€ 550 – € 900$ 600 – $ 3000
Gold Crown$ 100 – $ 250£ 450 – £ 1050€ 400 – € 1000$ 600 – $ 2500

Another table to see price for dental implant in turkey

Types of Dental ImplantsPrices in TurkeyPrices in Europe / UKPrices in the USPrices in Canada
Single Tooth Implant290$ – 750$1000$ – 3500$2500$ – 6500$2500$ – 6000$
All-on-4 Dental Implants2240$ – 6000$6000$ – 20000$10.000$ – 30.000$10.000$ – 30.000$
All-on-6 Dental Implants3480$ – 9000$13000$ – 22000$20.000$ – 40.000$23.000$ – 40.000$
Full Mouth Implant4480$ – 10000$10000$ – 35000£60.000$ – 110.000$50.000$ – 100.000$
Consultation Fee0$50$ – 150$100$ – 500$100$ – 450$

In this last table you can see price for dental veneers in turkey

Types of veneersPrice Range in TurkeyPrice range in the UKPrice Range in EuropePrice Range in the USA
Composite Veneers$80 – $120 (per tooth)$300 – $800 (per tooth)$500 – $1000 (per tooth)$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)
Porcelain Veneers$120 – $180 (per tooth)$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)$800 – $2000 (per tooth)$800 – $2000 (per tooth)
E-MAX veneers$220 – $280 (per tooth)$1000 – $2,500 (per tooth)$1,200 – $3000 (per tooth)$1,300 – $3,500 (per tooth)
Zirconium veneers$160 – $200 (per tooth)$850 – $1,800 (per tooth)$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)$1,700 – $2,500 (per tooth)

What payment methods are accepted?

When considering your expenses, examine the most cost-effective options. Consider how to make payments in the case where fees are high. Upon receiving a new set of teeth, how long will payment obligations last?

How much of your insurance will cover costs in Europe and the United States? If you have any issues, an additional fee may be required.

Payments can be made with credit or cash. With long-term borrowing, what will be the increase in monthly expenses? How much does it cost for a nice smile? In order to make a cash payment, how long would it take to accumulate the necessary funds? Borrowing from family or friends is also an option.

Cash payments are accepted at some dental clinics and may qualify for discounts.

For those seeking treatment abroad, there are quite a few options available. Implant brands can be obtained at much lower prices than in the home country and payment can be made in two installments.

During the first visit, the implant fees may be paid and during the second one, any other coverings for the tooth. Lastly, a nice smile design can be obtained at very affordable prices, making it cost-effective for all involved parties.

payment method for patient teeth

Why you should choose turkey to get new teeth?

Turkey is an attractive destination for medical and dental treatments, with success in this industry recognized throughout the world. Prices are much lower than in many other countries, and Turkey’s proximity to Europe is a benefit for travelers from the United States. As a result, it has been chosen by many seeking affordable alternatives to treatments abroad.

Istanbul is a renowned city known for its beauty. 

Dentistry treatments can be complex and costly, but considering the advantages of different options abroad may be beneficial. Expand your horizons.

What type of care do you require?

Protective treatments with minimal invasiveness.

Dental fillings can be applied to repair substance losses caused by fracture bruise in the tooth.

Dental cleaning involves the removal of staining and calculus from the tooth surface, restoring it to a polished finish.

Canal treatment involves the cleaning and repopulation of dental ducts due to damage to the tooth’s soft tissue.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that helps remove discoloration from teeth that has occurred over time.

In cases of large tooth damage, Inlay-Onlay treatment can provide an effective solution to protect the tooth.

Reconfiguring treatments:

  • Composite veneers involve attaching a treatment to the front surface of a tooth to give it a desired shape and color, without any action being done on the inner surface.
  • In the process of laminate veneer, the outer surface of the tooth is carefully adjusted. This procedure may involve reducing some of the enamel with full porcelain while achieving a particular color and shape.
  • Lumineers are a type of veneer that requires no shaping in order to be fitted. They are ultra-thin, and the end result is highly aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dental Crowns involve reshaping the tooth and restoring it with full porcelain or zircon.
  • Hollywood smile is a dental treatment for achieving improved aesthetic qualities in the smile. It involves altering the position, color, and shape of teeth and gum structure to create a more pleasing aesthetic appearance.

What are the advantages of Tooth in Turkey?

Seamless Arrangements: We handle all the logistical aspects of dental travel, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Our partner clinics are equipped with the latest dental technology, guaranteeing precise and advanced treatments.

Cultural Enrichment: Immerse yourself in Turkey’s rich culture while achieving your dental goals.

Affordability without Compromise: Enjoy high-quality dental solutions that are budget-friendly.

Verified Credentials: Each dentist in our network is thoroughly screened, providing you with peace of mind.

Embark on a journey to dental excellence with Tooth in Turkey. Your path to a confident smile starts here.

Our dental centers are officially recognized by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Health for providing medical tourism services, as we have met their quality standards and passed their inspection.

Our team provides a dynamic, dedicated and multi-lingual service that supports you through the dental experience before and after the treatment.


  1. Are New Teeth in Turkey Safe ?When it comes to safety, it’s natural to have concerns about any medical procedure. However, rest assured that getting your Teeth done in Turkey can be a safe and effective option. Turkish dental clinics are known for their modern equipment, high-quality materials, and skilled dental professionals. It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable clinic that adheres to international standards and protocols to ensure the safest and most successful outcome.
  2. How Long Does It Take to Get My Teeth done in Turkey? The length of time it takes to get your Teeth done in Turkey can vary depending on the specific procedure and the individual’s unique situation. Some treatments, such as dental implants, may require several visits over the course of several months. However, other procedures like dental veneers can be completed in just a few days. Your dentist will be able to provide a more accurate estimate of the timeline based on your specific needs.

  3. What is the Recovery & Aftercare When Getting My Teeth done in TurkeyAfter getting your teeth done in Turkey, it’s important to follow the proper recovery and aftercare instructions provided by your dentist. This may include avoiding certain foods, taking medication as prescribed, and practicing good oral hygiene. With proper care, most people are able to return to their normal daily activities within a few days of the procedure.

  4. What is the Success Rates of Teeth done by dentists in Turkey? The success rates for a set of Teeth are generally very high, particularly when performed by experienced and qualified dental professionals. However, as with any medical procedure, there is always a small risk of complications. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable dental clinic that follows strict safety protocols and employs skilled and knowledgeable staff.

  5. How to Choose the Right Dental Clinic for My Teeth in Turkey? Choosing the right dental clinic in Turkey for your Teeth can be a daunting task, but there are a few key factors to consider. Look for a clinic that has a track record of success, offers a wide range of services, uses high-quality materials and equipment, and employs experienced and qualified dental professionals. It’s also a good idea to read reviews from previous patients and ask for recommendations from trusted friends or family members.

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