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All on 4 dental implants

All On 4 dental implants : Discover the Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants Say goodbye to ill-fitting dentures and hello to a brighter, healthier smile with All-on-4 dental implants. This innovative solution uses just four implants to securely hold an entire arch of replacement teeth. Enjoy greater stability, improved chewing and speaking abilities, and a natural look and feel. The All on 4 dental implants treatment concept offers a cost-effective, long-term solution for missing teeth.

Experience the Magic of All-on-4 Dental Implants

Are you tired of living with missing teeth or unstable dentures? All-on-4 dental implants can change your life! With just four strategically placed implants, this cutting-edge solution can support a full arch of replacement teeth. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of slipping dentures and hello to a beautiful, confident smile. All-on-4 is the perfect solution for those looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to traditional dentures. Get ready to experience the magic of All-on-4 dental implants!

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What Is All On 4 dental implants? And How Is It Different From Conventional Dental Implants?

Patients frequently inquire about the distinctions between the All On 4 dental implants procedure and the conventional implant procedure.

All On 4 is a dental implant technique that replaces a full set of teeth with four implants supporting a new fixed set.

Get ready to smile with the revolutionary All On 4 dental implants technique! By tilting posterior implants 45° towards the rear of the mouth and placing them in the maxilla, this method uses less bone density to secure the implant, making it a game changer in the world of dentistry.

This guide provides information on the All On 4 dental implants procedure, which is a revolutionary solution for multiple missing teeth and restoring full mouth function. The process and what patients can expect are explained in detail.

Traditional dentures sit on top of the gums and may have drawbacks, such as loosening adhesives that could lead the dentures separating from the gums unexpectedly.

The limitations of denture adhesive can restrict a person’s ability to eat certain foods they enjoy.

One disadvantage of traditional dentures is the gradual loss of bone density in the jaw caused by the absence of teeth.

When a tooth is present in the jaw, it applies pressure to the bone through the natural movements of the mouth, like eating. This pressure promotes growth and reinforces the area by raising the density of the jaw bones. If teeth are lost due to an accident or other dental health problems, this pressure decreases, and the bones will slowly lose density and strength over time.

The All On 4 dental implants solution provides secure adhesion by directly embedding anchoring implants into the jawbone. This approach maintains the strength of the jawbone by providing the same stimulation as natural teeth, preventing the loss of bone density. The implants also offer a stable connection for replacement teeth.

The patient can consume various types of food without concern for teeth looseness or separation.

Patients often seek more information about the procedure and experience involved in utilizing replacement teeth due to the various advantages it offers over other methods.

All on 4 dental implants

The History of the All on 4 Technique:

The development of All On 4 dental implants was based on the adoption of a 45° angle for the posterior implants, although the idea of having a full set of teeth supported by just a few implant fixtures was not a new concept.

The mastermind behind the revolutionary All On 4 dental implant technique was none other than the brilliant Prof Paulo Malo from Portugal, with the help of implant manufacturer extraordinaire, Nobel Biocare. Together, they saw the untapped potential and cost-saving advantages of this game-changing treatment.

The 90’s were a time of revolutionary dental innovation, led by the brilliant Prof Paulo Malo and funded by the prestigious Nobel Biocare. After conducting rigorous studies, Prof Malo rocked the dental world by treating the first-ever patient with the game-changing All on 4 dental implant technique in 1998.

Forget traditional dental implants! The All On 4 dental implants technique reigns supreme as the ultimate solution for a full-arch teeth replacement.

Prof Paulo Malo is recognized as a leading authority in advanced oral rehabilitation, having developed multiple techniques to aid individuals with intricate restorative needs.

Prof Paulo Malo has authored books and scientific publications in the field of restorative dentistry, and has given lectures on oral rehabilitation worldwide.

Following his accomplishments, Prof Paulo Malo established Malo Clinic Education’in Lisbon, Portugal, where he provided training to other dental professionals interested in enhancing their skills in All On 4 dental implants dentistry.

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our oral surgeon’s has gained knowledge and experience with the All On 4 dental implants technique.

Conventional Dental Implants Vs. All on 4:

Picture this: a tiny titanium screw is strategically placed into the jawbone, becoming the sturdy anchor for a beautiful set of pearly whites. Whether you’re in need of a single tooth or a full bridge, a dental implant is the foundation that supports your smile with confidence.

The traditional dental implant procedure necessitated 6-8 implants to provide full support for a fixed bridge in a complete arch rehabilitation.

The conventional method for replacing a full arch of teeth requires placement of multiple implants, which can be limited by reduced bone density in posterior areas. However, with the introduction of 45° angulated implants, bone-deficient areas can be avoided with just four implants placed at the front and back of the mouth.

The All On 4 dental implants have a less invasive nature, resulting in a shorter healing and rehabilitation process. Additionally, the use of fewer implant fixtures allows for greater flexibility in designing and fitting the replacement teeth.

Oral Bone Health Issues:

The All On 4 dental implant technique offers a solution for patients with oral bone health issues. Previously, a lack of upper jaw bone posed a challenge for implant candidates, often requiring bone grafting to support the 6-8 implants required by older methods. This was frequently caused by sinus issues or bone loss.

Research has shown that the All On 4 dental implants technique can be advantageous for individuals with Osteoporosis or insufficient jaw bone.

In the past, patients with Osteoporosis were not able to receive dental implants due to poor bone quality. However, with the All On 4 dental implants procedure, bone grafting is unnecessary and thus, patients with Osteoporosiscan often undergo the procedure.

For patients with severe resorption of their upper jaws, Zygomatic implants provide an alternative option. These implants, which are longer in length, attach to the underside of the cheekbones via the sinus space, eliminating the need to solely rely on the jaw bone for support.

These alternative methods can often eliminate the necessity for invasive bone graft surgeries.

Sleep Dentistry and All On 4 Dental Implants:

Sleep dentistry is a suitable option for patients who experience anxiety when undergoing a dental surgery.

Picture this: a stress-free dental experience where you’re in a dream-like state thanks to Sleep Dentistry. A qualified medical doctor administers a unique combination of drugs intravenously, allowing you to relax and drift away while they work their magic. No more fear of the dentist – just sweet, sweet dreams.

Bid farewell to dental fear with All on 4 dental implants and the option for sedation. At Tooth In Turkey, we empathize with patients who may feel anxious during dental treatments. Let us transform your dental experience from nerve-wracking to relaxing.

Say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a brand new smile! Our All on 4 dental implants treatment offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience, with optional sedation to ensure you’re completely relaxed and at ease. Get ready to show off your full-arch replacement with confidence and peace of mind!

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Can Anything Go Wrong With All On 4?

Patients considering implant procedures often have concerns about potential risks and complications.

When deciding on dental implant surgery, it is important to consider various factors, although the success rates of the All On 4 dental implants procedure are typically high.

When considering the All On 4 dental implants procedure, it’s important to take into account two additional factors, as well as the possibility of implant failure which can be further explored here.

Factor #1: Bad implant positioning is a key issue with All On 4 dental implants.

Incorrect positioning of implants is the main issue that can arise during the All On 4 dental implants treatment. Improper placement of implants may affect the cosmetic results of the procedure.

Implants that are placed too far forward in the mouth can cause gum recession and expose the metal of the implant, resulting in a visible grey color around the gums.

Improper positioning of dental implants can result in a bulky appearance of the replacement teeth and hinder speech.

Improper placement of implants near the biting surface may result in replacement teeth appearing shorter and unnatural.

Correcting incorrectly placed dental implants can be a complex task. Therefore, it is best if the dentist performing the All On 4 dental implants procedure is proficient in both the surgical and aesthetic aspects of the operation.

The second aspect to take into account when discussing the All On 4 dental implants procedure is…

Factor #2: the dentist is trained cosmetically or surgically ? 

The two types of dentists who typically perform the All On 4 dental implants treatment are those with surgical training and those with training in cosmetic dentistry.

Dentists who prioritize cosmetic results may have less expertise in surgical aspects of the procedure. In the event of complications, inadequate competence can lead to implant exposure and gum infection.

There are two types of dentists who perform All On 4 dental implants, one of which is a surgically trained dentist. While they excel at placing the implant near the nearest bone, they may not always take the aesthetics into consideration.

Qualified All on 4 dental implants dentists possess expertise in both surgical and aesthetic dentistry, allowing for precise implant placement and utilization of cosmetic dentistry skills to produce desirable outcomes for patients.

Finding a dentist with these skills may be challenging, but it can help reduce the possibility of complications.

To achieve your dental goals, browse our list of experienced dentists and select one.

With All-on-4 dental implants, we can restore a full set of functional and beautiful teeth in just one appointment. It's a game-changer for patients who have struggled with traditional dentures or missing teeth. At Tooth In Turkey, we believe in providing the highest standard of care and comfort for our patients. That's why we offer conscious sedation for those who desire it during their All-on-4 procedure. David Abramsohn.

Pre-Procedure & Patient Prep for All on 4 :

After informing the patient about the process, confirming their eligibility, and committing to the treatment, the procedure will proceed to the next stage.

Before the surgery even begins, a meticulous dance of measurements takes place to ensure the perfect placement of dental implants and crafting of replacement teeth. This process guarantees a snug and cozy fit for patients, as well as the ultimate stability between implants and prosthesis.

When it comes to perfecting your pearly whites, there are a few key factors to consider. We’re talking the height of those gum lines, the angle of your bite, and even how much ridge reduction is needed to reach your smile goals. It’s all in the details, baby!

Transform your smile with ridge reduction! This innovative procedure, also called alveolectomy, involves sculpting jawbone tissue to perfectly fit your replacement tooth prosthesis. Say goodbye to awkward gaps and hello to a stunning, natural-looking smile!

Bite impressions will be taken from the top and bottom jaws to create molds for testing the fit and sizing of components used in the All on 4 dental implants procedure.

Wax molds of dentures are produced for verification of proper fit and placement, followed by the creation of temporary implant-supported dentures. Once all necessary components are prepared, the patient’s All on 4 dental implants surgery will be scheduled and carried out accordingly.

The All-on-4 Procedure :

Once the patient has been informed about the process, confirmed as eligible, and committed to the treatment, the procedure will move on to the next stage.

A dental implant surgery is not just a procedure, it’s a carefully choreographed dance of measurements and crafting that results in a snug and stable fit for patients. Think of it like a beautiful ballet, with precision and artistry working together to create the perfect smile.

Achieving a smile that could light up a room requires attention to every little detail – from the height of your gum lines to the angle of your bite. And let’s not forget about ridge reduction – it’s all about the nitty gritty, baby!

Ridge reduction, also known as alveolectomy, is a procedure that sculpts jawbone tissue to better fit replacement tooth prostheses, resulting in a more natural-looking smile without unsightly gaps.

For the All on 4 dental implants procedure, molds will be made by taking bite impressions from both the upper and lower jaws to test the fitting and sizing of components.

Denture wax molds are created to ensure proper fit and placement, followed by temporary implant-supported dentures. Once all components are prepared, the patient’s All on 4 dental implant surgery is scheduled and carried out.

Recovery & Final Prosthesis – All on 4:

After the procedure, the patient will need to follow post-surgery oral care guidelines. Pain relievers may be prescribed, and instructions will be given on how to maintain proper oral hygiene to promote healing and ensure a speedy recovery.

The dentist may arrange additional appointments to track progress as needed.

To ensure your pearly whites stay put, we suggest indulging in some soft and scrumptious delicacies for the first few months after your procedure. This will allow the implants ample time and opportunity for a cozy bond with the surrounding bone in your jaw.

With dental implants, you’ll be biting into those juicy apples and snacking on crunchy nuts in no time! Made from a powerful composite, these implants bond seamlessly with your bones, providing unmatched strength and durability. In just 3-4 months, you’ll be munching away on all the foods you love, without a care in the world. Say goodbye to bland diets and hello to a world of delicious possibilities!

After the healing process is finished, the patient can go back to the dentist’s office to get another set of impressions. The dentist will remove the temporary prosthesis and take molds of the gums and implants to create the final prosthesis, which will fit the contours of the fully healed gums and implants.

Once the impressions are taken, the provisional prosthesis will be reinserted until the final version is made.

Once the final prosthesis is attached, the procedure is considered finished and the patient can proceed to enjoy their life with their new permanent replacement teeth.

Higher Quality of Life with All on 4 Dental Implants:

Picture the transformation that can occur in the life of someone who has struggled with missing or lost teeth. Suddenly, their grin is beaming and dazzling. A universe of delicious cuisine options is once again within reach. Their self-esteem is reignited, and they can finally reclaim their full oral abilities. It’s a remarkable metamorphosis, and we’re thrilled to have delivered this gift to countless patients.

Are you ready to transform your smile and regain your confidence? Look no further than Tooth In TUrkey! Our All on 4 dental implant solution is the ultimate game changer, and we’re here to guide you through the process. Say goodbye to missing teeth and hello to a brand new you. Contact us today for your initial consultation and let’s make your dream smile a reality!

What’s My Investment?

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed about your teeth? Do you want to stop letting low self-esteem impact your life? How many positive experiences have you missed out on because you’re too shy to smile? It’s time to take control and get the smile you’ve always wanted. At Tooth In Turkey, we make it easy with our All on 4 dental implants treatment and flexible payment options. Say goodbye to frustration and discomfort and hello to a confident, beautiful smile! Get your free quote today by clicking here!

Dental Implant:

A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth Dental implants are a popular and effective solution for replacing missing teeth. They are surgically placed into your jawbone, where they fuse with your bone and provide a stable foundation for a custom-made crown. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support and are designed to last a lifetime with proper care.


A Smile Makeover with Lasting Results Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental procedure that can give you a brighter, straighter, and more uniform smile. They are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front of your teeth, covering up imperfections and improving the appearance of your smile.

Zirconia Crowns:

The Strong and Natural-Looking Option Zirconia crowns are a type of dental crown that are made from a strong, durable ceramic material. Unlike traditional metal crowns, zirconia crowns are virtually invisible, making them a popular choice for restoring damaged or discolored teeth. They are also biocompatible, meaning they won’t cause any adverse reactions in your mouth.

Composite Bonding:

Composite bonding is a dental treatment that involves the use of a tooth-colored composite resin to restore and improve the appearance of damaged, decayed, or discolored teeth. This material is applied directly to the tooth surface, where it is sculpted and molded to achieve a natural-looking result. Composite bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that can be completed in one visit to the dentist and is an affordable alternative to more extensive cosmetic dental treatments like veneers or crowns. It is a popular choice for those looking to enhance their smile without the need for extensive dental work.

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