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Veneers In Turkey : All the information's you need before getting veneers in turkey.

Veneers in Turkey have become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a beautiful and confident smile. Turkey is home to many world-class dental clinics that offer high-quality dental treatments, including veneers, at affordable prices.

Veneers are a minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatment that can transform your smile and boost your confidence. With the latest technology and experienced dental professionals, getting veneers in Turkey can be a safe and comfortable process.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about getting veneers in Turkey.

Table of Contents

Information on benefits, and preparation of veneers in Turkey.

If you are considering veneers, you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to get them in Turkey. Welcome to the article “Veneers in Turkey”, where we will provide information about visiting the country for this treatment.

One of the biggest advantages of selecting Turkey for veneers is its affordability, as it can be costly in other countries such as Europe, the USA and the UK.

Dental veneers in Turkey are a popular, aesthetic treatment for patients from around the world. It provides them with a brand new and perfect smile. This treatment can help those with crooked teeth without long treatments or surgeries.

Turkey and Istanbul provide high-quality services with the best technology and talented doctors, at an affordable price without extended wait times.

We will discuss the details of veneers in Turkey and your stay in Istanbul.

Facial wrinkles around the mouth are commonly referred to as "smile lines".

The smile line in dentistry denotes the number of teeth that are visible when a person smiles. This line starts from the upper edges of the lower lip, and is typically taken into account when determining the number of veneers needed for smile makeover procedures.

Please send us your photos via e-mail or WhatsApp and we will inform you of the number of veneers needed for your smile makeover in Turkey.

How To Take Good Pictures For Online Consultation?

Veneers in turkey

In order to accurately visualize your mouth angles, at least five high-quality and clear photographs taken from the left, right and center are needed. Additionally, a panoramic x-ray may be necessary; if it is difficult to locate a physical appointment, an online booking can be arranged.

Five clear and high-quality photographs are required in order to view your mouth angles accurately.

These angles are present.

A panoramic x-ray may be necessary, and if you require assistance locating a clinic for the x-ray we can make an appointment online.

Why veneers in Turkey?

Turkey is an attractive destination for veneers due to several factors, including cost-effectiveness and quality of treatment. This article will discuss the reasons why Turkey is a great choice for this expensive treatment.

  • High exchange rate
  • Qualified and well-trained doctors
  • The medical tourism industry is well-developed.
  • Tourist friendly country
  • International standard dental products

High Exchange Rate

Dentistry can be expensive in many countries, especially cosmetic dentistry. Turkey is commonly chosen for dental treatments, due to its affordable prices due to its high exchange rate. Consequently, treatments are much more accessible for those without the means to pay for costly procedures.

Qualified and Well-trained Doctors

According to official figures, the dental sector in Turkey is expected to increase from approximately 680 million USD to 704.7 million USD by 2023, attracting a large number of tourists wanting access to qualified and experienced dentists.

Dentists need to undergo five years of rigorous study and must also sit for the Diş hekimliği Uzmanlık Sınavı in order to qualify and be able to practice. Additionally, many dentists choose to undertake internships or pursue training abroad in order to gain further qualifications.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in license cancellation by the Turkish Board of Dentistry.

There is a significant medical tourism industry.

Turkey’s medical tourism is a major draw for foreign patients. To encourage the growth of this sector, the government has taken initiatives such as VAT exemption.

This value-add tax deduction provides an additional incentive that many elsewhere do not have.

Millions of tourists are drawn to Turkey each year because of its distinctive culture. It has some of the world’s most important historical sites, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Turkey provides for tourists’ needs throughout their journey and ensures an unforgettable experience.

Contrary to belief, products in Turkey are of good quality despite their affordable prices. Local products are just as good as those from abroad.

The latest versions of veneers such as E-MAX, CEPEC veneers and CAD/CAM porcelains can all be found in Turkey. If you have queries regarding veneers, we are here to help.

Veneers in turkey


Patients often ask if E.max porcelain veneers/crown is a good option for them. Unfortunately, E.max is best suited for individual cases and cannot be used to create bridges.

Additionally, root canal treatments and rotten teeth may not be suitable candidates for E max due its ability to match a patient’s real teeth color while providing an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

For these reasons, we do not advise using E.max in all cases when discussing a smile makeover.

Zirconium is a suitable option for closing gaps, fixing decayed teeth, and performing root canal treatments. It will also provide a bright white shade. Alternatively, E.max can be used to create a natural looking smile in cases where the teeth are mostly healthy.

E.max is often claimed to be the most durable material due to its high cost, but laboratory tests of MPA pressure have revealed that zirconium blocks are 2-3 times more durable in comparison.

Zirconium Veneers

10 Zirconium veneers on the upper jaw and 10 Zirconium veneers on the lower jaw cost £2840 / € 3200 / $ 3420, while 8 Zirconium veneers on both jaws will cost £2280 / € 2560 / $ 2740.

Payment by card is accepted for these prices. For payment by cash and group discounts, please contact us for more information. If you are visiting as a group, we may have special discounts available.

Cash payments receive a 10% discount and group discounts are eligible for a 5% reduction.

E.Max Porcelain Veneers

Patients were not all suitable for the E.Max procedure, as it does not guarantee a perfect smile without root canal treatment and any gaps present.

10 E.max Veneers on the upper jaw, and 10 E.max Veneers on the lower jaw cost £4250 / €4801 / $5130. 8 E.max Veneers on the upper jaw and 8 E.max Veneers in the lower jaw cost £3410 / €3840 / $4120.

Card payments are accepted at these prices. Group discounts may apply if more than one person visits; please contact for further details.

Payments made in cash receive a 10% discount and group discounts receive a 5% discount rate.

Veneers in turkey

What is the meaning of the phrase "Turkey Veneers Gone Wrong"?

Discussion regarding medical tourism centers on the perceived risks associated with travelling to Turkey for a medical procedure, with concerns raised by European and American clinics about potential dangerous plots, suspicious low prices and adverse health effects.

When discussing medical tourism in Turkey, it is important to consider the cost of living for those within the country. It is not always affordable for Turkish citizens who do not benefit from currency exchange rates, compared to international patients.

In addition, it is necessary to look at a variety of patient results, rather than simply focusing on any negative examples without proper disclosure or proof of origin.

These accusations against Turkish clinics reflect a prejudice that views non-European countries as being unsafe, full of impostors, and backward.

However, Turkey has long been known for its modern, clean and safe medical centers equipped with the latest technological advances.

When encountering articles about bad examples of veneers from Turkey, consider who might be benefitting from this idea being shared.

You can also read our article about “turkey teeth” trend, to get more information’s about this subject.

Essential questions about veneers in Turkey

If you are considering dental veneers in Istanbul, you likely have some questions; we will go over them one by one.

What is the average lifespan of veneers?

Porcelain teeth, with proper care and as per your dentist’s instructions, can provide a lifetime of use. The Master Of Dent Clinic in Turkey provides a 15-year guarantee on Hollywood Smiles.

Is it painful to have porcelain teeth?

During the procedure where enamel and/or the tooth is cut, pain may be expected. Local anesthetic will be administered before enamel removal to help minimize any discomfort felt.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, may be employed as an additional form of anesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience.

Does Turkey offer real veneers?

At Master Of Dent Clinic in Turkey, veneers are constructed with materials from Max to GC in our laboratories, and the porcelain teeth come with a 15-year warranty. A signed guarantee is provided

Is snap on smile prone to detaching?

The Snap-On smile, although uncommon, can come off or break when attempting to bite complex objects, so dentists suggest avoiding putting pressure on the front teeth.

What are cost-effective alternatives to veneers?

Zirconia crowns are a cost-efficient option as compared to porcelain teeth, as they require less tooth reduction and are typically two-thirds of the price of veneers.

Veneers in turkey

What is the price of veneers in Turkey?

Veneers are one of the commonest cosmetic dental treatments sought by tourists visiting Turkey, providing an opportunity to get a more camera-ready smile at competitive prices. Various materials are available for veneers in order to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

This price list outlines the cost of veneers in Turkey, demonstrating how competitive prices are compared to other nations around the world.

Prices may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations. For more detailed information on prices, please contact our team.

Research suggests that Turkey is an affordable destination, offering savings between 50%-70% compared to other countries. Budgeting is easier and time for leisure activities can be added.

What is the cost of veneers in Turkey?

The table above displays the cost of veneers in Turkey. Prices for highly demanded porcelain veneers per tooth are typically $150 – $350, as opposed to the high cost of $500 or more in other countries. In summary, undertaking this expensive treatment in Turkey costs about half the amount it would elsewhere.

Types of veneersPrice Range in TurkeyPrice range in the UKPrice Range in EuropePrice Range in the USA
Composite Veneers$80 – $120 (per tooth)$300 – $800 (per tooth)$500 – $1000 (per tooth)$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)
Porcelain Veneers$120 – $180 (per tooth)$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)$800 – $2000 (per tooth)$800 – $2000 (per tooth)
E-MAX veneers$220 – $280 (per tooth)$1000 – $2,500 (per tooth)$1,200 – $3000 (per tooth)$1,300 – $3,500 (per tooth)
Zirconium veneers$160 – $200 (per tooth)$850 – $1,800 (per tooth)$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)$1,700 – $2,500 (per tooth)

Prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuation. For further information regarding prices, please contact our team.

Research shows that coming to Turkey could save you between 50-70% on expenses, making budgeting much simpler and allowing for the inclusion of leisure activities.

How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

You won’t believe it, but Turkey is the place to get your veneers! There you can find porcelain veneers treatments starting at just $150 – $350 per tooth, while they’d easily set you back a minimum of $500 elsewhere. Wow! Get veneers in Turkey and save big.

How Much Are Laminate Veneers in Turkey?

At Master Of Dent clinic in Turkey, we provide high-quality laminate veneers at competitive prices. To get a full set of 10 upper and 10 bottom veneers, plus hotel accommodation and VIP transfers, you will pay just 3900 GBP.

For a single veneer 195 GBP is the cost. Laminate veneers may be categorized as porcelain veneers, but they are different in composition and price compared to composite veneers.

Although laminates come with a higher price tag than composites, they guarantee durability and produce a natural looking smile. We recommend apply them to the front tooth surface for the best results.

What is the cost of veneers in Turkey compared to other areas?

There are various factors that make veneers more cost-effective in Turkey, such as high exchange rates, lower living costs, and affordable labor. Here are a few key explanations for this:

  • Cheap living costs
  • High exchange rates
  • Low salaries

High Exchange Rates

Prices for Turkey porcelain veneers are typically cheaper due to exchange rates. The stronger value of the US Dollar relative to the Turkish Lira enables foreign visitors to benefit from the higher buying power, making dental tourism an attractive option for those from Europe, the USA, or the UK.

Veneers are less expensive in Turkey due to lower labor costs compared to other countries. Additionally, dental and medical treatments tend to be more affordable in Turkey.

What is the impact of price on the quality of veneers in Turkey?

Contrary to common misconceptions, quality in Turkey is not compromised due to lower prices. Turkey’s medical tourism is among the top in the world, and no corners are cut when it comes to quality- top-notch products are always utilized.

Plus, modern equipment and all the latest technology can be found here.

Is there a package that includes everything?

When visiting Turkey for dental treatment, many dental clinics provide All-Inclusive Packages. This can help to reduce stress, as all necessary aspects of the trip should be taken care of and the patient will only need to focus on travelling to Turkey and returning home with a good result.

A Veneers Package typically includes:

  • Veneers Treatment
  • Transportation Hotel/Clinic/Airport
  • Hotel
  • Assistance Before and After
  • Personal Assistant/Translator

Transportation and accommodation will be taken care of, so you do not have to worry about those aspects.

For further information concerning offers, please visit our page on veneers packages in Turkey.

What payment options are available for my treatment?

For the treatment, there are two payment methods available, along with assistance for currency exchange if required.

  • Payment can be accepted in Turkish Liras, USD, Euros, or Pounds. Foreign currency exchange is not required.
  • We also offer credit/debit card payment. For international cards, please inquire with your bank regarding overseas payments.
  • If you would like to make a payment in advances and not have to worry about it afterwards, a bank transfer is the recommended option. You can send a bank transfer to the clinic.
veneers in turkey

Are there any additional costs?

At Master Of Dent, the initially-quoted price is always the final one. Medial emergencies may be an exception but they are very rare in the case of dental treatments. To prevent any issues, it is recommended to keep your consultant and doctor informed of any allergies, prior conditions or diseases.

The costs will be outlined in the quote and no additional charges will be added.

Are there any warranties associated with veneers?

We are confident in the quality of our veneers and we are offering a 15 year warranty for any fractures sustained through normal use. Replacement or repair is available at no additional charge, simply return them to us and we will take care of it.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty, please contact us.

Are there any additional costs associated with applying veneers?

The dental veneer procedure is permanent and irreversible, though no immediate expenses are necessary.

For optimal results, it is advised to have regular appointments with a dentist post veneer installation.

This helps keep both the teeth and veneers clean, as well as allow for an evaluation of their health. Regularly scheduled dental visits should be every 6-12 months, depending on individual circumstances.

Our customer service is available 24/7 to provide advice and information on maintaining your veneers

Full set of veneers is available in Turkey.

Patients who wish to undergo a full-mouth restoration and have a complete transformation of their smile should consider having a full set of veneers in Turkey.

This procedure typically includes between 16 and 20 veneers made from high-quality material, using advanced technology that adheres to international health standards at an affordable cost.

Veneers are thin, artificial covers that are attached to the teeth to improve their appearance and symmetry.

It is possible to get new veneers in Turkey within a week or less, allowing for time to explore the country’s beauty, culture, and cuisine.

What is the scope of services for a full set of veneers in Turkey?

When referring to a full set of veneers, dentists typically use an even number of 16 to 20 depending on the patient to only affect the visible teeth when a person smiles. Veneers are not intended for any teeth on the back part of the mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry and a full set of veneers are popular choices for people in Turkey to obtain a healthier and brighter smile, which may include covering more than one crooked or damaged tooth.

Not everyone is suitable for a full set of veneers, so let’s explore some details about them.

What is the number of teeth included in a full set of veneers in Turkey?

Generally, a full set of veneers is composed according to the patient’s preferences and desired outcome.

  • 16 veneers are required, 8 for the top and 8 for the bottom.
  • 18 veneers, nine on the upper jaw and nine on the lower jaw.
  • There are 20 veneers, of which 10 are on the top and 10 on the bottom.

A full set of veneers requires a minimum of 16 veneers, although there are cases of 10 veneers, with 5 on each arch.

The number of veneers and the best course of action for the patient shall be determined by the dentist in consultation with the patient, considering factors such as desires, budget, overall health.

Veneers in turkey

What steps should be taken to plan for veneers and travel to Turkey?

When choosing veneers, consider factors such as the type of treatment, type of veneer, and the expected results. Our article about different types of veneers may aid in your selection process.

  • The longevity and success of your veneers will depend on the material chosen, matched to your dental requirements.
  • The longevity of your veneers will depend on the material used and your dental situation, so it is recommended to plan a budget in advance.

When deciding on the number of veneers to get, consider the type of issues you are trying to address and if veneers are an appropriate solution. For instance, veneers can be used to cover up dark stains on the front teeth.

What are the criteria for selecting a dental clinic in Istanbul?

When selecting a dental clinic in Istanbul, the hub of medical tourism in Turkey, it is important to consider various factors. Here are a few tips to help you make your decision:

  1. If you are deciding which clinic to use for veneers in Turkey, researching online reviews can provide insight into other people’s experiences.
  2. Verify the dentist’s qualifications before receiving cosmetic dental treatments. It is important to ensure that the dentist holds a valid license for dental practice and the qualification necessary for the services being provided.
  3. Check the clinic’s smile transformations by viewing their photo galleries. This will help you to make your decision more easily as it provides an idea of the kind of work they do. Our photo gallery can be accessed to inspect our work.
  4. Utilizing references, such as advice from friends or family, can facilitate the decision of choosing a clinic, aiding in a successful research process.
  5. It is important to evaluate the responsiveness and cooperation of a clinic’s staff when making a selection. Assessing queries being answered in an organized way and determining whether correspondence is effective and timely can assist with planning.

What is the process for booking an appointment for veneers in Turkey?

Booking an appointment for veneers is straightforward. It is generally not necessary to wait weeks or months before obtaining a booking. To initiate the process, simply contact the clinic’s team who will then proceed. The team may request certain documents/reports prior to booking (although this is not mandatory).

  • A full dental X-ray.
  • High-quality images of your teeth.
  • Blood test results.

Once you submit these documents, an appointment will be booked for you.

Veneers in turkey

What is the recommended duration for veneers treatment?

For a customized veneer treatment in Turkey, you may need to stay for 5-7 days. The process usually requires 2-3 appointments, unless same-day veneers are chosen, which require fewer days of stay.


  1. What are veneers, and how do they work? Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front of teeth to improve their appearance. They can be used to cover stains, close gaps, and fix chipped or misshapen teeth.

  2. How much do veneers cost in Turkey? The cost of veneers in Turkey can vary depending on factors such as the type of veneer, the number of teeth being treated, and the dentist or clinic. On average, porcelain veneers in Turkey can cost between $250 and $1,000 per tooth, while composite veneers can cost between $150 and $300 per tooth.

  3. What is the process of getting veneers in Turkey? The process of getting veneers in Turkey typically involves a consultation with a dentist to discuss the desired outcome and determine if veneers are the right solution. After this, the dentist will prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of enamel and taking impressions. The veneers are then custom-made in a dental laboratory and bonded to the teeth during a follow-up appointment.

  4. What types of veneers are available in Turkey? The two main types of veneers available in Turkey are porcelain and composite veneers. Porcelain veneers are more durable and stain-resistant, but they are also more expensive. Composite veneers are less expensive and can be applied in a single visit, but they are not as durable as porcelain veneers.

  5. How long do veneers last, and how do I care for them? With proper care, veneers can last between 10 and 20 years. To care for veneers, it’s important to brush and floss regularly, avoid biting or chewing on hard objects, and visit a dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.

  6. Are veneers in Turkey safe and of high quality? Yes, veneers in Turkey are safe and of high quality when obtained from a reputable dentist or clinic. Turkey has a reputation for providing quality dental care at a lower cost than many other countries, and many dental professionals in Turkey are trained and experienced in performing veneer procedures.

  7. How can I find a reputable dentist or clinic for veneers in Turkey? To find a reputable dentist or clinic for veneers in Turkey, it’s important to do your research and read reviews from previous patients. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have had dental work done in Turkey. It’s also a good idea to verify the credentials and qualifications of any dentist or clinic you are considering.

What airport should I fly to?

Currently, there are two functioning airports in Istanbul, giving you a choice.

  • Istanbul International Airport (IST) is the newest airport in Istanbul and offers most international flights. It is nearby many hotels and clinics on the European side. For convenience, consider selecting an airport that is close to your hotel.
  • Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) is a functioning airport located in the Asian part of the city. It sees hundreds of international flights every week and is located some distance away from Taksim Square and Sisli, two central areas in Istanbul.

You have the choice of any airport and we will be able to arrange pickup when it suits you. Please contact us for further information.

What documents are needed to enter Turkey?

Depending on your country of origin, three types of documents may be required.

  • An electronic visa.
  • A visa stamped by the Turkish Consulate in your country is required.
  • A valid passport or ID card is required.
  • Visa available upon arrival.

EU citizens who possess a valid ID card or passport do not require an official visa to gain entry into Turkey.

  • France is a cultural hub in Europe.
  • Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe.
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Georgia
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein
  • Malta

Individuals from countries outside the European Union may require a stamped visa, an E-visa, or other specific documentation to enter Turkey. Refer to the website linked here for all necessary information.

You can find all t he information’s on this website : https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Turkey.html

What airlines offer flights to Turkey?

Istanbul is a major city with many airline options. Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national airline, provides direct flights to and from destinations around the world. Plenty of direct and transit flights are available. To prevent excessive fatigue, a direct flight is recommended for those who don’t like long-hauls.

You can search for flights from your location to Istanbul on this website: https://www.skyscanner.com/

Is it possible for me to bring a companion?

You can bring guests, but they will need to purchase their own package if they wish to stay in a separate room. These dental tourism packages are available for one person per booking. There is no added fee if guests share the same room as the primary customer. Everyone is welcome!

Are there any dental or aesthetic treatments available?

Patients may bring companions with them, however a separate plan will be created for each of them.

Do I need to return for another visit?

You only need to visit for one week for the veneer appointments. No additional travel is necessary.

How can I understand the doctor?

If you are concerned about the language barrier in Turkey, do not worry; our international team includes translators for most languages.

If a translator is needed, we can provide one. We have native speakers available for Italian, Spanish, German, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu and other languages.

Veneers in turkey

What information should be considered for a visit to Istanbul aimed at receiving veneers?

f you’re considering visiting Istanbul, there may be many questions regarding the travel process and any medical services you may require.

You will be well-taken care of during your vacation in Istanbul. We have included useful guides, transportation options and our teams to help support you and we have even added some helpful tips for your trip.

Let’s begin.

What is the best way to reach the hotel?

Our clinic provides pick-and-drop services upon prior notice.

Our transport service will collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel, as a complimentary part of the veneers package, with no additional cost.

What are the options for visiting the city?

Istanbul offers a range of public transport options, such as buses, subways, ferries and funicular services. Purchasing an Istanbulkart at a cost of 3 Euros gives access to these services at discounted rates. Maps can be found across the city providing directions and details on how to take advantage of public transport.

Electric scooters are available for rent in the city if you do not wish to walk.

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