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The Best Dental Clinics in Turkey: Providing High-Quality, Affordable Care for International Patients

At Tooth In Turkey, we proudly present a curated collection of the finest dental clinics, where exceptional care and outstanding patient experiences converge. Our mission is to guide you to the pinnacle of oral health and provide you with access to the best dental professionals and facilities.

#1 Dentakay Dental Clinic

Dentakay was founded in 2009 by Dr. Gülay Akay and ever since has been nothing short of a safe haven for patients with all kinds of concerns in medical and cosmetic dentistry. A technologically first-class clinic, Dentakay offer dental solutions of top-notch quality in a modern and luxurious setting.

With  “we make you smile” as their motto, they expanded their accessibility by opening more branches across Turkey in Istanbul and Antalya. Offering a wide array of dental services, they have established themselves as the most sought-after clinic for patients from around the globe.

“Customer care and satisfaction coupled with the highest quality control standards is and will remain our top priority as we continue to give thousands of happy patients from around the world the smile of their dreams.” Dentakay.

#2 Acibadem Hospital

Delivering healthcare services in 5 countries, including Türkiye, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and the Netherlands, Acıbadem Healthcare Group steams ahead in investments that will create a difference in healthcare services.

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital, the most recent investment of the Group, is the 18th Hospital of the Group in Türkiye and the 24th Hospital at global scale. Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital is distinguished by specialized and experienced physicians, state-of-the-art devices used for diagnosis and treatment as well as the Command Center that uses artificial intelligence and digital infrastructure for management of the hospital and the ‘Environment Friendly” Hospital status with Leed Gold certificate.

#3 Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital Ulus provides all kind of medical support services for individuals and corporations overseas. All of our patients are VIP patients for us. We care that they receive the best service for their specific disease diagnosis and treatment by a subspecialized medical team with excessive of experience. We consult to various physicians to ensure multidisciplinary approach and make sure the patient receives the best medical plan.

We provide specialized programs for academic institutions and executive corporations based on their specific needs. Liv Hospital Ulus has aggreements with a continiously developing wide network of private insurance companies.

#4 Medipol Global Hospital

Medipol University Hospital is the Turkey’s largest private health investment as a university hospital incorporating General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals, Medipol University Hospital attracts attention with its modern architecture intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment and bears the distinction of being one of Turkey’s best hospitals with a new generation of technology. Medipol University Hospital, is a new reference center in the health sector in both national and international arenas.

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